Zombie’s Invade
Pool party
On Thursday the 1st of July 2016, 4 friends Marayh, Dan, Leo and Harry, were at Marayah’s house having a pool party. Leo was talking about the taco he had last night, everyone seemed bored. He had told that story 27 times when Harry walked in.
“Guys, I found a calculation made by the ancient Aztecs in 1516. I translated it this morning with some crazy zillion year old Russian dictionary it reads
‘In five thousand years from today a doomsday will occur know as a zombie apocalypse. Where one human being will be chosen to spread the infection. And it will not stop until it consumes humanity.’ But I don’t know, the Aztecs were kinda ya know kooky.”
Harry mumbled, “That day is today... But don’t worry I’m prepared just in case. Lets go watch the news to see if there have been any zombie sightings.”, he exclaimed.
So the team went inside to watch TV. Dan seemed relived he didn’t have to finish listening to Leo’s taco story.
Harry pulled some NERF Guns out of his bag. “NERF guns? Harry how are these meant to hurt the undead zombies the text describes?” Dan asked.
“Nails, we simply shove the nail through the bullet, we can use them to hit zombies. Now quickly we need to find shelter. Now run!” Harry yelled.
They prepared the guns while they swiftly ran out of the house. Harry spotted car keys and said to the others,
“Guys I’ve got a plan, we can take Marayaha’s parents car. Keep going I’ll catch up”.
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