Storybird Community and Content Guidelines (Kid-friendly version)

At Storybird, we celebrate stories as an essential part of what makes us human. We believe that stories give us the freedom to dream, invent, and create. We recognize that through reading and writing, we gain opportunities to ask important questions, to learn empathy and gain understanding of others, to explore tough topics in safe ways, to express our deepest emotions, and to inspire others.

It is important that everyone feel safe and welcome on Storybird. To keep all of our users safe, comments and stories are reviewed after they are submitted. If your story or comment does not follow the rules below, our moderators (or your teacher, if you are using Storybird at school) will ask you to revise it before others can read it. We do not allow stories or comments that:

  • contain or request personal information that could make it easy for someone else to find you (including your full name, address/location, school/library, club/group/team or teacher names, phone numbers or email addresses);
  • are based on an idea, story, or characters previously created or owned by someone else (like fanfiction or stories featuring movie/book/comic/video game characters, song lyrics, or poetry);
  • are overly violent or cruel (to humans or animals) or intended to upset or offend readers; * are written to bully, put down, or attack other users or groups of people;
  • If your story contains made-up storylines about real people (including classmates, famous/historical figures, or celebrities);
  • are overly pushy in trying to tell others what they should do or believe;
  • contain cursing, hate speech, advertisements, or links to outside websites.

By joining our site, you agree to follow these guidelines so that Storybird can be a welcoming and safe place for everyone. Our company reserves the right to delete any comments or stories that do not comply with our guidelines.

For more information, check “Understanding Our Guidelines” in our Help section.

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