Grade 3/4 Prep


Secrets to Success – Grades 3-4

Ready to take this school year by storm? Learn all of the skills you'll need to master 3rd and 4th grade language arts.

Get ready to rock this school year with Storybird Prep! Everything you need to know to prepare for 3rd and 4th grade is right here in this online course. 

Get advice from real-life teacher and YouTube star SmartieStyle, aka Miss Robinson, a 3rd grade teacher in Southern California. She will tell you what to expect in the classroom this year, give you all of her secrets for success, and help you do your best work ever.

We’ll teach you how to write sentences that sizzle and paragraphs that pop, and you’ll get the chance to dazzle us with your newfound powers by writing a finished piece! 

Some of these lessons will be quick, and some will take a little longer to tackle; give yourself all the time you need to complete them—you’ve got this!  

Ready to begin? Let's go!

Parents/Educators: Click here to download a course overview and syllabus.

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