Grade 9-12 Prep


College-Ready Writing: Grades 9-12

Get ready for the big leagues with everything you need to know to write like a pro in high school English.

High school English? No sweat. With this series of video tutorials, lessons, and writing challenges, you'll be at the top of your game and ready to wow the world with your writing skills.

Get advice from YouTube star teacher C.J. Reynolds as he walks you through everything you need to know to become a college-ready writer. And Reynolds knows his stuff. He's got a teacher vlog on YouTube, Real Rap with Reynolds, where he shares classroom tips and tricks, and it has more than half a million views. That's a lot of eyeballs!

Think of our course as a team rally before a big game. We’re here to cheer you on, entertain you with stories written by Storybird authors, and make sure you’re geared up and ready for whatever gets kicked your way. Some lessons will breeze by and some will take you a bit longer, so go at your own pace. Once you finish the course and ace your final exam, you’ll earn a badge and a certificate of completion—proof that you’ll be an MVP in English this year! 

Grab your notebook and let's DO THIS.

Parents/Educators: Click here to download a course overview and syllabus. 

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