Media Literacy


Media Literacy

Not all media can be awesome all the time. This course will teach you how to consume and create reliable content and avoid falling into the fake news trap.

UGH! Once again, that feel-good story you were reading—you know, the one about the dogs being saved from hurricane flooding?—turns out to be FAKE NEWS. The dogs were photoshopped, the flooding was from a totally different year, and now you feel like you can’t trust anything you read! 

Plus, everyone you know is screaming about fake news. Journalists and news sites seem to be messing up left and right, and anonymous sources are everywhere. One of your friends says one thing is true, and another says the complete opposite! You’re about ready to give up entirely. 

What do you do when fake news has taken over your life and you don’t know what to believe anymore? Where do you go for reliable stories, whether they be cutesy kitten stories or the latest in political drama? Never fear. We’ve got you covered. Settle down with a snack and a drink and let’s get started! Our Media Literacy Course is 100% REAL. 

Educators/Parents: Click here to download a course overview,  syllabus, and bonus classroom challenge. 

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