Storybird Fundraisers:
from classroom to heirloom.

Students create beautiful books. Parents receive lasting memories. Educators raise money for classroom needs. Everyone wins.

The simple-to-run fundraising solution that parents & educators love. Students’ books become family keepsakes. Poetry and art products make perfect year-round gifts for relatives and friends. Support literacy, creativity, and classroom needs, all at the same time.

Share this flyer with your school’s PTA/PTO group or fundraising committee.

How it works


Students use Storybird to write original, art-inspired books and poetry.


Teachers turn on the fundraiser option and set the dates that it will run.


Parents log in to Storybird to read and purchase their child's creations.


Schools receive 30% of sales. Orders arrive in the classroom in 4-6 weeks.

How much can I earn?
1 class, 2/yr 15 families $20/ea $180 10 min
1 grade, 2/yr 50 families $20/ea $600 20 min
1 school, 1/yr 250 families $20/ea $1500 1 hour


  • Assign a school administrator or classroom parent to collect funds.
  • Receive bank funds by wire, PayPal, or Amazon Gift Cards.
  • Give Schools 100% of their funds: no holdbacks or gimmicks.
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Why use Storybird?

“The difference between a Storybird fundraiser and the more traditional means of raising money (selling chocolate bars, magazine subscriptions, etc.) is that the product being sold through Storybird is personal and meaningful. It is not only a good value for parents, but it also provides a closer connection between the students and what the fundraiser is supporting.”

Getting started
  • I already use storybird

    • Login to Storybird Studio
    • Create a Fundraiser
    • Set your dates
    • Designate a fund manager
    • Done! Have fun!

    PS. Spread the word and share this page with your school, PLN, etc.

  • I'm new to storybird


    Spread the word and share this page with your school, PLN, decision makers etc. or download our flyer and circulate at your next meeting.

Where are Fundraisers available?
Currently, Fundraisers are only available in the USA. We will be adding Fundraisers for other countries soon. (Tell us what country you're in to bring them there faster!)
How far in advance should we plan a fundraiser?
The administrative set-up for fundraisers takes just a few minutes, once your students have created books and poems using Storybird. A fundraiser can run from 2-4 weeks: choose the duration that feels appropriate for your school’s typical levels of family involvement. Note that it will take an additional 4-6 weeks AFTER the fundraiser’s end date for physical orders to arrive. (Digital downloads are emailed instantly.)
Does money have to be collected by teachers?
All sales are made online, so educators do not handle any money. Funds raised can be dispersed directly to the educator, or designated for receipt by a Funds Manager (like a school administrator or PTA treasurer) via Amazon giftcard or PayPal.
What kinds of items are for sale via Storybird Fundraisers?
Heirloom-quality hardcover or softcover picture books are the most popular items: the text is written by your child/student and accompanied by beautiful professional illustrations. Art items like notecards and frame-ready prints, based on student poetry creations, are also popular. And beautifully-illustrated writing journals, iPhone cases, and art products make perfect gifts.
How much do the items cost?
Book prices start at $14.99; stationery, art products, and prints at $16.99 USD. Affordable PDF download options (PDFs can be printed at home or shared digitally) are also available for most items, ranging from $1.99 to $3.99.
If schools receive 30% of the funds raised, where does the rest of the money go?
Most of the order price goes toward custom product creation (printing) and shipping costs. A percentage is also paid as a royalty to support the independent illustrator(s) whose professional artwork enhances student creations. A minor percentage goes to Storybird to cover the operational costs of our offerings to schools.
How do I communicate with students’ families about Fundraisers?
Storybird provides easy templates for every step of the process. You can download PDF flyers for printing or copy and paste text for emails—use whichever is your school’s preferred communication method.
Can it really be this easy?
Yes, yes it can.
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