In God's Light

(UPDATE - December 10, 2018: For those who have asked about Adassa's recovery: She just turned 11 and is doing well. She has a long recovery ahead but she is strong and determined!)(UPDATE - March 25, 2018: Adassa has opened her eyes and is becoming more aware. Just two days ago she said her first word: "Mom"! She is a little miracle!)

NOVEMBER 16, 2017 - Please say a prayer for Adassa - the little girl in this painting. She was in a car accident and is hovering between life and death. I had a dream about this sweet girl enveloped in a rose-gold healing light so I painted this picture for her family. Adassa is only nine years old. If you would like to use this image in a poem or story please tag it SBforAddy and I will read all of them and share some with Adassa's mom.  She needs support and hope during this difficult time.

Also - I will be donating any Storybird royalties from my art for November to the family's GoFundMe page. So if you want to get cards, prints etc. of any of my artwork with your words - please order in November and help me help Adassa and her family.

(UPDATE - Nov. 18: Adassa is still in a coma but has shown promising signs of healing. Doctors now say she will live - please pray that her brain will recover from the trauma of the injury.)

(UPDATE - Nov. 21: If you would like to read more about Adassa or contribute to her GoFundMe here is the link:

(UPDATE - Nov. 26: Adassa opened her eyes today and is responding by blinking and moving her hand. It IS a miracle! Thank you to all who are praying for her.) (UPDATE - Dec. 1: Thank you to all those who bought my artwork during the month of November. You all helped me to make a nice contribution to Adassa's GoFundMe campaign. Thanks so much for your help) - clouds, flowers, girl, healing, heaven, hope, light

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