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Storybird is a global publishing platform and community centered around collaborative, art-inspired storytelling. Our creative community of millions of readers, writers, artists, educators, and story-lovers actively supports authors at every stage of their career.

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Use our creative tools to select artwork from our vast, curated collection and to inspire original picture books, serialized novels, and poetry for a family-friendly audience.

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Get swift feedback while interacting with our global community. Engage with readers and allow their input to influence your stories a little, or a lot. On Storybird, all your publishing and marketing efforts are interwoven; they’re not disconnected activities strewn across the
internet. Your stories will get read and you’ll have more time for the writing you love.

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Storybird carefully tracks data about every story published. If your writing gains significant traction among our readers, Storybird will help you take it to the next level. An invitation into our Promotion Program means we’ll help your story’s growth continue, while enabling you to interact simply and meaningfully with your readers and fans using exclusive tools.

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Partner with Storybird for opportunities to commission exclusive artwork, collaborate with artists and publishing professionals, and generate revenue and royalties from your books. Our commercialization program is currently in private beta but will soon be opening to additional authors.

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